Simply Worn

With the upsurge of frilly, ruffly and colorful accessories we have the wonderful option of wearing the sweetest flowers in our hair, on our hands and around our waist thanks to Simply Worn, a shop out of Kansas City, Missouri.  Making her way in the world of eco friendly design, Katie Griffin hand selects distinctive fabrics to use in her creations.
Her color selections are juicy (for lack of a better word) and bursting with pleasure!  Her photo styling is endearing and her prices are undeniably doable, even in this economically challenged climate.  I am so in love with the photo above of the friendship rings and could see them on bridesmaids at a summer wedding.  

Hair ties are always necessary unless you have that perfect pixie cut style, but even for you gals lucky enough to sport that chic hairstyle you can wear these hair ties as a simple wrist corsage.  Visit Katie's Etsy shop to see these hair ties photographed in other beautiful ways, including a photo similar to that above with all the pretty hands.  
 Come up with clever ways to use her pieces and make them your own!  You'll feel great wearing her floral accessories knowing they are eco friendly.

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