MacKomics Studio

Liza MacKinnon has her hands busy in many creative medias. Mixed media, printmaking, painting, fabric work, and variations on these all inspire her to create wonderful art reflecting the things that she loves.  

Her greeting cards are so precious!  I wonder if she loves Boston Terriers?  I'll hve to ask her on the 10th! :)

Always a lover of nostalgic styled art her ooak cards are dreamy to me and absolutely a trend right now in the  world of design and fashion.  Right on, Liza!

Quirky and cuteness abounds in all of her work and is sure to grab your heart as you peruse her fabulous booth this July.

These adorable notebooks shown above are some of my favorites that she offers; in fact, some lucky fairgoers will receive a free notebook because of her sponsorship....will it be YOU?

Shop on Etsy at MacKomics Studio to find uniquely cute gifts and cards for friends.... and check out her website for more goodness.  She offers full graphic design and consulting services for those of you in the market- just ask her!  Oh yes, and ask Liza on July 10th what the connection is to the beautiful Boston Terrier she features in so much of her work!


Liza said...

What a sweet write-up! and yes, I do have two of those boston terrors!

see this blog post all about them:

and an etsy treasury devoted to them:

Very much looking forward to the Strawberry Swing!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Very cool! Congratulations Liza!

Funky Finds said...

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