about me

I sent out the applications today...to those of you who have requested them... and realized that maybe, MAYBE those of you who have not requested them are a little wary of jumping on board this ride because you have no idea WHO exactly is organizing this event. Am I right?
I am Heather Baker, formerly of Prairie Village, Kansas now residing in Estes Park, Colorado! I am a mother of girls and a wife to a school teacher. I truly believe I was created to create and am a reflection of my Creator. I participated as a vendor in a fair in Kansas City last summer (Ric Rac Roundup in Westport)and I have a passion for promoting handmade and the indie craft movement that has been sweeping across the nation from coast to coast. My home is Kansas City and my heart is there still in that childhood playground which is why my attention for promoting handmade is focused on that area rather than Boulder or Denver. They are much closer in proximity but farther away from my roots, you see. Denver and Boulder have some amazing fairs that I hope to participate in as a vendor, believe you me.... but right now I just want to PROMOTE YOU!

I sell on Etsy here, here and here and I have sold via storefronts in Seattle, Estes Park and presently in Prairie Village, Kansas at Dolce Baking Co. (which is a deliciously wonderful bakery that you MUST visit).

My website address is http://bebeandalice.com/ where you can learn a little bit more about me. I have 3 amazing sisters and a brother that are all uniquely creative. My sisters and mother will be helping me with organizing this fair for all you crafters and I'll be sure to give you a little peek into their lives as well. I also have another crafter/friend that will be posting here on the blog now and then regarding the craft community and details of Strawberry Swing as it all unfolds over the next few months. She is a Journalism major at KU with superb writing skills.

Feeling a little more confident now? Jump on board! Spread the word! I don't bite...and I have a smile for everyone! Part of a Kansas City crafters group? Tell them about this opportunity....let's watch this grow into an amazing annual event!