Alexander Majors property on State Line Rd in Kansas City, Missouri! Perfect location centered between downtown, The Plaza, Leawood and Waldo. Very accessible and positioned for maximum exposure!

The location for the 1st Annual Strawberry Swing Indie Fair is locked in! Because the property is large, we have confirmed that this can be an indoor/outdoor fair and therefore we will be opening more spots for vendors! Indoor air conditioned space is limited to approximately 20 vendors and outside we will be allowing 15 vendors to set up 10x10 tents. We have use of all the picnic tables as well. I CANNOT WAIT to create the banner for the fair and hang it across the front of that barn! Have you been wavering about obtaining an application for this event? This should help make your decision...what a blast this will be!


Haley said...

It's going to be great! Thanks for putting it together, see you there everyone!

CasaBean Design

Angela said...

Looks like an awesome venue!

Callie said...
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Callie said...

I live down the street from the venue. Super location!!!!! In addition to great exposure, the lot is beautiful and inspirational.


Jill Hayes said...

Can you post this event on facebook - just type in "Events App" and it will come up for you to fill in all the details and then post the link to it on your blog. This way I can send out invites to about 100 friends. . .and they can pass it on and all your other vendors can do the same!