The Beaded Lizard

Featured indoors at the fair this year are two friends and jewelry artists, Kathi Robards and Jane McCrary.  You met Jane in a previous post titled Gypsy Jane's.  Kathi is the designer for her own collection called The Beaded Lizard, offering her own take on mod western style jewerly.  While their designs are very different they complement each other very nicely and will be featured together for your enjoyment :)

Kathi hand selects vintage spoons, butter knives, coins, buttons and shotgun shells (below) to incorporate into her fascinating designs.  The urban cowgirl will especially enjoy her pieces featuring turquoise, coral, silver and a bit of vintage.

Her use of copper wire and leather lacing gives her jewelry a taste of the West yet leaves plenty of room for the city girl's palette.

Her earrings are bold and beautiful in color and simple enough to be worn understated with a jean skirt and sandals. Kathi's pieces show beautiful workmanship and an eye for design.  You will be proud wearing jewelry by The Beaded Lizard and giving it as a gift to a friend ( if you can find the strength of will to give it away :)

Shop with The Beaded Lizard in her Etsy store anytime you need a new piece to add a pop of color to your life and stop in the Barn at the fair to grab a bit of cooler air and peruse her work.

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the beaded lizard said...

Thank you, Heather! What a great write-up! I can't wait to meet all the wonderful vendors and see their creations. It really is going to be an awesome event!