The PC Press

Letterpress is one of the coolest artforms in my book.  It amazes me, intrigues me and captures my attention everytime I am exposed to it.  What a beautiful artform! 
 One of our letterpress vendors for this fair will be coming all the way from Des Moined, IA!  Sarah McCoy of The PC Press will be showcasing her beautiful work for all of us.  She produces broadsides like those featured above that can be framed and proudly displayed anywhere. 
 Sarah offers an array of letterpress notecards and thank you cards, baby announcements and cardstock that has been custom monogrammed for you!  Her designs are so fresh and current; they capture the modern spirit but encompass a piece of old school charm.
The transportation pieces featured here are offered individually but would make a fabulous series in your office or home.  If you aren't in love with letterpress already you will be after you visit The PC Press in July!

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