My Paper Garden

I thought I was dreaming when I first saw the magical creations that Lisa Presley lays creative claim to.  Maybe I am a sucker for paper and vintage paper at that but my heart skipped a beat when I found her shop My Paper Garden on Etsy!

Using vinyl, paper and a sewing machine she create practically anything you would need for carrying, storing, organizing and toting.  Passport covers, wallets and ipad sleeves make up a great portion of her sales.

However, Lisa has been known to make a tote or two as well which are TO DIE FOR!  I cannot wait to talk with her about her techniques and inspirations!
How ironic that she uses vintage paper to create covers for "new" books that you can journal in...I mean, really?  Could she have been any cuter with that idea?

And for those of us who wish they could wrap themselves in vintage paper she has created a socially acceptable way to include it in your wardrobe:  the brooch.  soooooooooooooo cute!

Get ready to be inspired!  July 10th you will be able to meet Lisa in person and touch all these pretty and amazing designs of hers!  

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