Green Goat

 I am so honored to have The Green Goat setting up shop at the Strawberry Swing this July!

Mary Cobb designs and dyes her organic goods by hand to create scrumptious and fresh clothing for all ages.  Her color combinations are fantastic and the images she uses for her screenprints are unique earthy goodness.

She combines vintage bohemian with a modern twist and has come up with a sure fire HIT!
I wouldn't be surprised to find her wonderful work in local shops soon if they aren't already.

Would you look at the models she uses for her children's line?  Where does she find these darlings?  I don't know if she is the photographer for her shop but if so, what talent Mary has!  Her photo styling compliments her design so perfectly!

I think wearing her clothing would be like wrapping yourself in nature's goodness; each piece looks like a basket full of fresh produce from a farmer's market.  Yes, please!

Mary has an Etsy shop (of course) filled with beautiful designs and a Sale section, too!  Do go visit; it will make your heart happy; and if you buy something it will make Mary happy!  A win-win ;)

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The Green Goat said...

Aw, thanks Heather! I am blushing over here :) Thanks again for all of your hard work and endless effort to make this a wonderful event. Can't WAIT!