Limited Edition Prints

As part of our initial Swing this past July we gathered some fabulous sponsors for the swag bag giveaway.  Limited Edition Prints contributed a customized piece of art that is so fabulous and amazing people are still sending me requests for contact info so they can order one for themselves. 

Genevieve, the design wizard behind LEP, lives in British Columbia and has a background in graphic design and a love for typography.  Inspired by 20th Century New York & London transit banners, she offers customized canvases that bring bespoke vintage to any working or living space. 
Turn the places you’ve been to, a favourite saying, your cottage location, neighbourhood streets, bucket-list destinations into works of art that will be the conversation piece of any room. 
I asked Genevieve about her process for creating her canvas prints:  

"My design process: I take notes and write lists for the cities/places of interest) or sketch out a rough of a design (such as the whimsy range, twinkle twinkle & live, laugh love) and then bring into an illustration program, where I find appropriate fonts, tweak the layout, colours and designing (or source) flourishes, borders and accents.
For the place names canvases I spend a lot of time kerning and leading out the words, rearranging the words within a grid to ensure there are no weird or eye catching line breaks or word spacings. I send proofs to the client all through the design process and get final client approval before I send to the printer. I then wait for the call that the artwork is complete, and go to the printer check over the artwork and have them reprint if there are any blemishes or
faults in the print process."

For now her work is sold exclusively through Etsy though you can contact her directly for inquiries about creating a customized piece just for you!  

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