Sister Sue Designs

Jen Thomason, of Overland Park, offers the most scrumptious accessories for modern babies and moms through her line Sister Sue Designs

She uses wonderfully whimsical designer fabrics for her products making them irresistible like your baby :)

 She's got your baby AND you covered with diaper totes and nursing pads and she does all of this in style.

Her brand and line are growing so quickly you are sure to see her label on items all over can find her at our fair this year and one day tell your friends and neighbors "I knew Sister Sue before you did".
Do yourself a favor and make a list of all the people in your life that will be expecting a baby in the next year- bring the list and get your shopping done snappity quick with Sister Sue!

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Jen Thomason said...

Oh, Heather!! You make me blush with this thoughtful post about Sister Sue Designs! I am looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing their lovely items :-) Thank you for the nice thoughts...