Bazil Essentials

Bazil Essentials (nurture) recently relocated from Portland to Lawrence, Kansas and we are lucky enough to include them in our Swing this July.  Everything about this company is commendable; from their Etsy profile-

 "Our Philosophy: We are an environmentally and ethically conscious company, and believe in protecting our planet and our bodies from harmful chemicals and toxins. Our mission is to provide the most awe-inspiring, captivating, and wholesomely green bath and body products, reduce our ecological footprint, give, and to leave our children and future generations with a beautiful planet and place to call home. Our slogan is "Just BE....", which means to just enjoy life. Embrace the path to simplicity, remember to breath, and Just BE yourself.

 Their packaging is well designed with earthy goodness, perfect for giving as a gift to a loved one.  Beautiful!

Personally, I cannot wait to try out their perfume that they offer.  Perusing their Etsy shop I was reminded of a craft activity I had when I was in elementary school that allowed me to create my own perfumes.  Needless to say, my perfumes were NOT worthy of selling (or smelling, for that matter).  

Candles, perfume, soaps, lip balms, bath salts and samplers are all stocked up in their Etsy shop if you would like to get a preview of what you find in their booth at the fair.  Be sure to read the profile section in their shop.  So much goodness to learn about this company! 

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